"Cameras Don't Take Photos; People Do"

As a high school teacher of mine once said “cameras don’t take photos; people do”. This is a quote that resonated within me and really sparked my interest and passion for the art of photography. "Anyone can pick up a camera and take a photo, but it takes a real artist to craft a powerful image and portray a meaningful message".

Many people believe the bigger, fancier, more expensive camera you have, the better your photography skills will be. However, this is simply not true. Although these cameras allow you the ability to control a wide variety of settings and produce stunning image quality, when it really comes down to it, it is the operator that crafts the image. A good photographer can take amazing photos regardless of the medium (camera) they use to produce their work. A DSLR camera will provide you with commercial-level quality, but the right photographer can capture beautiful, meaningful images simply with their smartphone. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with DSLR cameras, if anything, they are an absolute blessing for us photographers! They allow us so much versatility in terms of editing and output.

I have recently considered upgrading my current camera (Nikon D5100; which has a DX (cropped) sensor), to an FX (or full-frame) sensor. But then I thought to myself, “Is it really worth spending nearly $2,000 just for a bigger image sensor and a few more megapixels?”. Making this change will not make me a better photographer, it will just make the megabytes of my images larger and capture a wider frame (but hey, this can easily be compensated for by using a wider focal length! For example, a 35mm lens on a DX sensor captures relatively the same frame as a 50mm lens on an FX sensor!). In addition to this, my photography capabilities will only broaden with experience and exposure to the art, rather than just upgrading my camera. Maybe one day down the road I will purchase a full-frame DSLR camera, but as of right now, my D5100 satisfies all the capabilities I could need/want! Regardless of the camera I use, my passion for the art resides in my ability to create an image the way I feel resonates with my personality and vibes. After all, it's one of the first things I notice when looking at fellow photographers work. Their photographs are as unique as their personality.

Photographers are good at what they do for a reason; they have a keen eye for composition and detail, and possess a burning passion to capture and document the beauty they see in the world before them. The power for you to create is in the palm of your hand, so get out there and take photos, and keep taking them. But don't let your camera just take the photo, go the extra mile and craft the image so that is says something unique about you.

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